Regulation updates 2015

Use of United Commissions Marketing Materials- updates 17/12/15

As a member of the United Commissions' Affiliate program, please be aware of these important changes outlined below, with regards to the use of our marketing materials.
As you may recall, United Commissions is licensed by the Gambling Commission of Great Britain, and provides services under this license to residents of Great Britain. Since United Commissions is a GB-licensed operator, it is subject to the Gambling Commission's License Conditions and Codes of Practice ("the LCCP"). United Commissions is also regulated by other legal requirements that determine the way it operates, markets and advertises its services. These requirements include the UK CAP code, consumer protection laws, fair marketing rules, etc. In this respect, United Commissions is truly committed to making sure that we are fully compliant with these obligations. This also includes marketing our services via affiliates and other third parties.
The legal obligations covered in the section above, also apply to you when you are marketing United Commission's services.
As you may be aware, under the Affiliates Terms and Conditions, you are required to ensure that you will fulfill your obligations under those terms "without violating any applicable rule of law".

In this respect we wanted to highlight your attention to your obligation, under these legal requirements, to ensure that all advertisements are not misleading.

The new changes refer to any advertisement, incentive or reward scheme where a customer is being offered money, goods or any other advantage (e.g. "free bet" or bonus money offers). These advertisements must all clearly draw attention to all the significant terms, conditions, limitations and qualifications which relate to benefit that is being offered. From now on, these details must also clearly be displayed on the actual advert itself, or (if significant time or space restrictions preclude such presentation, e.g. on a banner ad). This means all the related terms, conditions, qualifications and limitations must be directly and highly visible and just one click away from the related advert.

Affiliates are responsible to ensure that all marketing of our services comply with the following conditions:

1. You must not market our services in a method which is in violation of applicable UK laws, regulations, conditions and codes of conduct. If you are in any doubt with regards to the compliance of a particular marketing method or material - you must seek our prior approval.
2. You may only use marketing materials that have been provided to you directly by United Commissions after December 18th 2015 or that are currently available via our affiliate program portal. You may not use any marketing materials that have been provided to you prior to such date or that are not currently available on our affiliate program portal, as these may not be compliant with current legal and regulatory requirements. If you are in any doubt with regards to specific marketing materials - you must seek our prior approval.
3. Any marketing materials / banners employed by yourself, must link to the affiliate home/landing pages, as these have been vetted for compliance with the applicable regulations. You may not link directly to registration or download pages.
Your failure to comply with the conditions above, will constitute as a violation of the Affiliates Terms and Conditions. This may also result in termination of your membership in the Affiliates program.

Please note, if you are in doubt with regards to your obligations under the Affiliates Terms and Conditions, the applicable law or relating to this communication, you must first seek our prior approval. If you fail to do so first, it may result in a termination of your membership to the affiliate program.

United Commissions views compliance as a key priority, and as our partners we would expect your full cooperation and assistance with respect to this important matter.


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